Getting up to date

I know it’s been a few years since I started this blog.  I’m not the most committed person when it comes to things like this.  So let’s get up to date shall we?

My son is almost 5 now.  He was diagnosed with a speech delay when he was 2, and then started to receive in home speech therapy once a week for a year.  When he turned 3 years old he started going to Early Intervention preschool where speech therapy was provided.  He has been in it since.  Finally this fall he is going to public kindergarten.

While at EI preschool he was in a small class where the students all got one-on-one time with the speech therapist, and had the opportunity to interact with peers.  My son has benefited so much from being in EI, he is a little jabber jaw, as the saying goes.  He loves telling stories about things that he sees or hears.  Just yesterday he was telling me about one of his favorite Thomas and Friends movies.

My husband and I decided that public kindergarten would be best for our son since he will still be monitored for his speech.  He is still behind, he is having difficulty pronouncing “G, K” sounds.  Our local school district is one of the better school systems in PA, and has a developmental kindergarten class.  This class still teaches everything the normal kindergarten class learns but also helps children who have delays or needs extra time to process what’s being taught.  The class is smaller with a speech therapist on hand.  My son, while still slightly delayed, will not be in this class.  He’ll be in a regular kindergarten class.  I spoke to the speech therapist and was told that he would be monitored once a month for speech.

I’m not a failure by putting him in public kindergarten, and it would be selfish for me not to.  He still needs extra help that I can’t give him.  I can teach all the subjects he needs but I don’t know how to properly help with his speech.  That is what professional speech therapist do.  I will homeschool him next year.  Because doing what’s best for your child is the important thing, and public kindergarten is what’s best for him right now.

Finally in the time since I last wrote anything, I’ve also given birth to a girl, who is now 1 years old.  She is pulling herself up and cruising along furniture, but not yet standing or walking alone.  She jabbers a lot saying “mama”, “dada”, “baba”, “up” and a few others.  I put on Baby Signing Time for her almost daily, she hasn’t picked it up yet, but she is getting close.  BTW I highly recommend Baby Signing Time, sign language benefits children and adults, it helps improve language skills and can lessen the amount of tantrums children have when they can communicate their needs.   There are so many benefits that I’m not going to list, research it for yourself.  The program is a bit expensive, but they have most of their videos in segments on for free. Baby Signing Time on Youtube.  Baby Signing Time website.  (I’m not a paid sponsor of Baby Signing Time, I just love the program)

Alright, here’s to hoping I update this more often.  (I have not proof read for errors so, sorry if you find them.)


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